Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kitchen Experiments.

....I like food. A lot. A bunch of different kinds. A part of me loves to go out to eat and try new things. But another part of me hates always having to go out to eat because I don't like cooking for just myself. I'm really bad at cutting recipes in half, it never turns out right or tastes different than if I make the "original" recipe. So I usually breakdown and make the full recipe, only to be eating the leftovers for a whole week or freezing them if possible. Or, to be completely honest, the leftovers mostly sit in the fridge and go bad before I feel like eating them.

Anyways....I like cooking. I do. I enjoy cooking for other people, even though usually I tend to go a little elaborate then, instead of run of the mill things that I make all the time. I've decided I don't do it nearly enough. I eat more than half of my meals not at home. By choice, not by crazy busy schedules or anything like that. And it's sad really when I think about it.

So, I've just saved about 70 recipes in my bookmarks tab. Call me crazy, but I've just had this weird thing strike me tonight. Not only do I want to cook more/try new recipes out, but I want to up the ante in my kitchen. New dishes is a must. I'm dealing with a set that has more chipped bowls than non-chipped bowls.  I mean, since it's just me right now it's not a huge deal....but I've had my eye on a set for quite awhile. I also want one of those recipe card holder/organizer things with the notecards. I don't know what they're called. But I know that when I was growing up my mom had one, and it seems so convenient. Pull out the little box, find the card you're looking for, put it back when you're done and it'll be there waiting for you next time you feel like making it. Probably will work out a little bit better for me than me scribbling recipes down fast in random notebooks that I can never seem to find when I'm looking for a certain recipe when I want to make it again.

It's going to be a project in itself to learn more about cooking. I've taken cooking classes. I have cookbooks. But I really don't push myself to learn new things or different ways of cooking things. I'm stuck in my little safe niche of things that I know how to make and how to cook them. Time to broaden that horizon. I mean, I'm not getting any younger. I hope to have mouths to feed someday. And I hope that I can put tasty meals on the table for them. A little practice never hurt anybody. And is kind of like an international language between people. You make something they don't really like and they probably won't be begging to eat your food again. But if you make something they really like, may have just made a new best friend. :]


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